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Real estate markets today are more competitive than ever before. Bubbles rise and burst across the country. Markets shift and level off. And after each transformation, a new set of rules will determine the projects that succeed and those that do not. Gone are the days of unchecked speculation and unlimited purchasing power. Prospective buyers today are more informed, more critical and less likely to buy into a project without in-depth comparisons and consideration.

For many builders and developers, creating an exceptional home or community is easy. The challenge lies in selling those homes and communities before they are physically completed. At its core, this is a problem of vision versus communication. How do you convey your vision and convince your prospects to buy before construction is complete?

Selling your vision requires creating a credible, convincing brand that appeals both emotionally and rationally to the potential buyers. Through marketing materials, websites, interactive campaigns, strategic property releases, personal tours and sales processes, we help your customers understand the benefits of buying into your vision. At Square Feet marketing, we specialize in developing, marketing and selling your story.

Through dozens of real estate projects across Mumbai, we’ve developed a keen understanding of markets, demographics, customers and developers. Our practices and processes have been tested in the toughest markets, and we have the numbers to prove their success. From branding and consulting, to websites and advertising, to full-service sales programs, CRM and lead management, we generate demand and convert leads into sales.


There are three essential qualities required for successfully marketing real estate projects:

The first is fairly obvious: creativity is an important factor in the development of memorable brands, materials and messaging, as well as the design of homes, amenities and the community plan. But creative work can only succeed when it reaches the right people at the right time, and that is accomplished through effective branding and marketing strategy. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, it takes accountability. Through detailed and complete visibility into our marketing plans, Square Feet remains accountable to our real estate development clients.

Through extensive experience in all aspects of creating and selling real estate developments, we have developed a customizable branding and marketing program that is specifically designed for the unique challenges of this ever-changing industry. These programs integrate a number of traditional in-house agency services with innovative online and electronic marketing strategies to build a strong presence in your market and increase sales absorption throughout the life of your project. When you enlist with Square Feet team, your project will benefit from an array of services and capabilities, which include:

• Brand Development & Revitalization
• Web Design & Programming
• Lead Generation & Awareness
• Advertising Campaigns & Media Placement
• Direct Mail Campaigns
• Search Engine Marketing (Sq.Ft. SEO)
• E-mail Marketing
• Sales Programs & Staffing
• Sales Office Design & Materials
• Customer Relationship Management (Sq.Ft. CRM)
• Database Management
• Marketing Plans & Performance Measurement

But perhaps the most important service we provide for developers is the freedom to focus on development.
“we concentrate on sales and marketing so you can focus on what you do best.”


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