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Developers approach to customers during the Festive Season

Posted by ruksar on November 11, 2023

In India, the festive season holds significant cultural and religious importance. Developers in the real estate industry often tailor their approach to customers during this time to leverage the festive spirit and capitalize on the increased purchasing enthusiasm. Here are some strategies and approaches they might employ:

  1. Festive Offers and Discounts: Offering special festive deals, discounts, and incentives such as reduced prices, cashback offers, waived registration fees, or freebies to attract potential buyers.
  1. Customized Payment Plans: Providing flexible payment options or attractive financing schemes during the festive season to ease the financial burden on buyers. This might include low down payments, extended payment terms, or tie-ups with financial institutions for lower interest rates.
  1. Exclusive Property Showcases: Hosting exclusive property showcases or events during festivals to highlight new projects or showcase ready-to-move-in properties. This could include virtual tours, physical property visits, or online webinars to engage potential buyers.
  1. Decor and Furnishing Offers: Collaborating with home decor or furnishing brands to offer special packages or discounts for buyers purchasing properties during the festive season. This adds value to the purchase and enhances the appeal of the property.
  1. Personalized Customer Engagement: Engaging with customers through personalized greetings, festive-themed emails, messages, or phone calls. This creates a more personal connection and helps in nurturing relationships with potential buyers.
  1. Emphasis on Cultural Significance: Incorporating cultural elements into marketing and advertising campaigns, acknowledging the significance of the festival, and how buying a property during this time brings auspiciousness or good fortune.
  1. Community Events and Celebrations: Organizing community events, virtual celebrations, or property-specific gatherings that showcase the developer’s commitment to building a community and fostering a sense of belonging among potential buyers.
  1. Rethinking Sales Strategies: Leveraging digital platforms for virtual property tours, online bookings, and providing comprehensive information and assistance through real-time chat support or video calls to accommodate the changing consumer behaviour post-pandemic.
  1. Referral and Loyalty Programs: Introducing referral programs or loyalty benefits for existing customers who refer new buyers or make subsequent purchases during the festive period.
  2. Post-purchase Support: Ensuring excellent post-purchase services or extended warranties to reassure buyers and foster long-term relationships, building trust and loyalty.


Developers understand the emotional significance of festivals in India and aim to align their marketing strategies with the festive cheer to create a more compelling and attractive real estate offering for potential buyers.


What are the advantages to purchase a property during the festive season?

Many developers and sellers offer special deals, discounts, or added incentives during the festive season, making it potentially a good time to find a more affordable deal. Some sellers might offer more flexible payment plans or financial incentives during this time, making it easier for buyers to manage their finances. In Indian culture, buying property during auspicious times can hold emotional and cultural significance, symbolizing good fortune and prosperity.

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