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Why real estate developers are turning to outsourcing for sales and marketing.

Posted by ruksar on October 14, 2023

In today’s competitive real estate market, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success. Outsourcing the sales and marketing function has emerged as a smart and strategic solution for developers looking to enhance their market presence, streamline operations, and achieve optimal results. Here are several compelling reasons why real estate developers are turning to outsourcing for sales and marketing;

  1. Expertise and Specialization: Sales and marketing in the real estate industry demands specialized knowledge and skills. From market analysis and consumer behavior understanding to crafting effective campaigns and managing leads, a range of expertise is required. By outsourcing to a real estate mandate holder or professionals who specialize in real estate sales and marketing, developers can tap into expertise that might not be available in-house, which can lead to better results.
  2. Cost Savings: Building an in-house sales and marketing team can be costly, requiring expenses for hiring, training, salaries, benefits, office space, training, and infrastructure. Outsourcing allows developers to access a skilled workforce without the overhead costs associated with maintaining a full-time dedicated team.
  3. Flexibility: Real estate projects often have fluctuating demands for sales and marketing efforts with periods of intense marketing and sales activity followed by slower phases.  Outsourcing provides the developers with flexibility to scale up or down based on the project requirements, without the need to maintain a permanent team during the quieter periods.
  4. Time Efficiency: Outsourcing sales and marketing tasks frees up the developer’s time to focus on core competencies like property development and construction and to concentrate on delivering quality properties.  It can speed up the sales and marketing process. Real estate mandate holders or professionals can handle tasks such as lead generation, customer inquiries, and marketing campaigns, reducing the time it takes to bring properties to the market and attract potential buyers.
  5. Broader Network and Connections:  Real estate professionals often have a wider network and relationships within the industry, which can be valuable for generating leads and establishing partnerships that may not be accessible to an individual developer.
  6. Focus on Core Competencies: Real estate developers are experts in property development, construction, and management. By outsourcing sales and marketing, they can concentrate on their core competencies while leaving the promotional aspects to specialists.
  7. Reduced Risk:  Outsourcing can help reduce risks associated with sales and marketing campaigns. Professionals in these fields understand compliance, regulations, and legal requirements, reducing the likelihood of errors or missteps.
  8. Innovation and Trends: Outsourcing partners are often more aware to the latest marketing trends, technologies, and strategies.  They can bring fresh ideas to the table, helping developers stay ahead of the competition and engage potential buyers in innovative ways. 
  9. Global Reach: Outsourcing can facilitate reaching a global audience that target potential buyers locally, nationally, and even internationally.
  10. Access to advanced technology: In today’s digital age, technology plays a vital role in reaching and engaging with potential buyers. Sales and marketing professionals possess cutting-edge tools, software, and analytics platforms that can provide valuable insights into buyer behavior, marketing performance, and lead generation which real estate developers can harness the power of these advanced technologies without the need for substantial investments.
  11. RERA trained and certified team: Working with marketing professionals whose teams will be fully RERA compliant will be highly beneficial for developers. It will help in efficient sales and marketing as they are well aware of the dos and don’ts regarding sales and marketing activities. They can create marketing strategies that comply with RERA regulations, avoiding misleading advertisements and ensuring fair practices in dealing with customers.


Outsourcing simplifies the process of real estate development by ensuring legal compliance, offering expert knowledge, and maintaining transparency in all transactions. Moreover, it enhances the developer’s market reputation, which can lead to increased sales and customer trust in the long run.

Despite the advantages, it is important for real estate developers to carefully choose their outsourcing partners, ensuring they have a strong track record and align with the developer’s goals and values. Clear communication, well-defined objectives, and regular updates are essential for a successful outsourcing relationship in sales and marketing.

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